Dedalo & Dharma. Escape from Kazan Cinema

“It’s love that makes the impossible possible,”
and now they’re connected... and in trouble!

It’s a summer evening when, without even realising it, Dharma comes out of the cinema screen to escape certain death and meet that very spectator, Dedalo, who comes to the Kazan Cinema every single day to see her.

Dedalo is thirteen and has an unbridled passion for films and Dharma, his age, is a character who escaped a destiny which, like that of all the characters, always repeats itself in “The Rindwalker”: the most anticipated Hollywood film of the season.

What seems like the beginning of a surreal and romantic idyll is in fact only the premise of a bigger, daring story, full of dangers. Because Dharma is “only” a character and absolutely has to return to the film. To do so, both will have to abandon reality and dive into the cinemaverse: a parallel and complex universe where all cinematic stories are connected to each other..

  • An ironic, funny writing style with short chapters and intense action.

  • Characters you can empathise with, teenage love, the power of friendship and above all the love of cinema and stories.
  • Beautiful illustrations reproducing the posters of the films the protagonists travel through.
GENRE Fantasy adventure, Romance
FIRST PUBLISHER Mondadori (Italy), 2023