How to Make Mum and Dad Angry


The first book to reveal the tricks for achieving the top score in the art of irritating adults.

Do you want to make your parents angry? Nothing could be easier with this handy illustrated manual. Step one: leave all your things scattered around the floor, promise to tidy up but never do. I urge you: never! Step two: drag yourself sleepily around the house when it comes to clearing the table, but at bed time, let loose in the wildest celebrations. Step three: point out that the food at your friends’ houses is much better, and don’t stop playing with what’s on your plate (grown-ups hate it). And if you still haven’t managed to make your parents angry, fear not: there are nine other precious steps that will lead you straight to your goal. The problem, then, will be calming them down… but that requires another book.

GENRE Picture book
FIRST PUBLISHER Edizioni Clichy (Italy), 2022


Gabriella was born in Friuli and graduated with a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature. She began her career in TV as a writer-producer and, while working for Disney channels, graduated from the Castello Sforzesco School of Comics in Milan. She drew and scribbled on any surface until one day she realised that she liked writing. She now works in creative writing and video production as a freelancer. Her first picture book Quand tu dors was published in France in 2019.