I Will Be

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Choose today who to be tomorrow.

A book for girls and boys that aims to be a manual of possibilities: a tool for imagining themselves as grownups, helping with orientation, offering skills and tools capable of merging knowledge and competencies with a light, ironic, concrete and aspirational cut.

A book that allows children to look at themselves in a mirror through success stories (that haven’t yet happened) in which they can recognise themselves and from which they can draw inspiration, ideas, stimuli and models.

  • Future success stories: invented biographies that are based on the professions of tomorrow, professions of which we can already see the first shoots...
  • A captivating narrative, before outlining paths, strategies and “training” to achieve similar objectives and goals.
  • The book consists of twenty chapters, each of which opens with the narration of a success story. The speakers are 20/35-year-olds who describe their jobs, what they do and why they chose to do them, and reveal the secrets their professions. Amusing, contemporary and engaging texts, in which the readers can easily identify themselves and feel involved.
  • In addition to each story, there is a series of boxes and columns, useful for schematising and extrapolating keywords, guidance, skills and suggestions.


GENRE Non-fiction
PUBLISHER Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy), 2021


Pierdomenico had decided as a child that, when he grew up, he wouldn’t be a notary as everyone thought, but a writer, or maybe a manager of writers. And so it was. His stories have been translated into 30 languages and reached millions of readers, enabling him to found the collaborative creative agency Book On a Tree in London.


Federico Taddia


Federico is an author, journalist and populariser. He is passionate about the environment, the future and hyper-curious stories. He writes for Topolino and collaborates with RaiRagazzi. On Radio24 he has hosted Pappappero and Terra in vista, I Padrieterni and Next Generation.