In or Out

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Can you remain friends with someone passively? Can you be friends with someone by habit?

Franco and Gabriele are left alone on holiday in Igea Marina and off they go, they jump on the train to reach the campsite of some phantom girls (or at least they try, since they'll be immediately stopped by a train strike). But they don’t give up: they set off on foot, up the Apennines, then they hitchhike, steal a bike and talk to the people they meet on the street. The two are good friends, but also very different: Franco is more shy, orderly, precise, he loves swimming because it’s an individual sport and contact-free. Gabriele is impulsive, chaotic, volcanic, always unsatisfied. Will the journey change them?

  • A fearless portrayal of teenage friendship, the strength of its bond and also its limits and failings, along the pathway to self-awareness.

GENRE Coming of Age
FIRST PUBLISHER Phoenix Publishing (China), 2018


Guido is one of the most famous Italian children’s book writers. He writes for newspapers, cinema and television. Author of over one hundred books, his stories have been translated into many languages and have won all the major literary prizes dedicated to writing for children, such as the Italian Andersen in 2009, 2015 and 2018, and the Strega Children’s Prize in 2019.