Little Fish Came First

After a long swim in search of uncharted seas, Little Fish is convinced that he’s finally discovered a place where no one has ever gone before...

Too bad he doesn’t have a flag to plant, to let everyone know that that place belongs only to him. “Need a flag? Here you go!” says the turtle, which appears from around the corner. And then here’s the squid, the crab, the clam, the jellyfish… With great disappointment, Little Fish realizes that actually that space belongs to everyone! But he also discovers that you can play much more fun games with lots of people.

  • A story that makes you think about our desire to own things and the pleasure and benefits of sharing.


GENRE Picture Book
FIRST PUBLISHER Terre di mezzo (Italy), 2021


Angelo Mozzillo was born in Naples in 1988 and lives in Milan. A collector of stories, he always likes to discover new ones and, when he can’t find any, he invents his own. He shuffles and rearranges words like a deck of cards, giving us stories, scripts, articles and nursery rhymes. His books include: “Io sono foglia” (Bacchilega Junior, 2020), "Giacomino Già che sei in piedi" (Biancoenero, 2020), “Quanto è piccolo il mondo" (VerbaVolant, 2019), "Viola e la luna" (Nomos, 2019), "Il Natale dell'orco Narice" (Eli La Spiga, 2019), "Abita qui Mimì?" (VerbaVolant, 2018).



Alice was born in Genoa, but grew up in Bogliasco, a small village of surfers and fishermen. In 2014, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa, then, in 2017, she graduated in Graphics of images and illustrations at the ISIA institute in Urbino. She lives in Ticino, Switzerland, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, green meadows and chestnut woods. Winner of Premio Illustri 2019 in the Magazine and newspaper category, she’s the co-founder of PELO magazine. She collaborates with Italian and foreign magazines and publishers.