Little Pirate Aboard


It’s Giò, the most absurd land-based pirate apprentice around.

Little Giò is an apprentice pirate. That is, technically she’s a little girl adopted by the Baldassarri family, who lives in a small village absolutely far from the sea, lakes or any source of water. Okay, but don’t you think that it’s much easier to face daily life as a pirate? Inspired by her Captain (her adoptive father Christian Baldassarri), the ship’s cook Clara (her adoptive mum) and cabin boy Tont (her adoptive brother), Giò embarks on new, absurd adventures every day. Between knot-tying exercises, trips to the museum, slingshot battles at school, haute cuisine dishes and many treasure hunts, Giò manages to be a terrible but really nice apprentice. In her adventures, her new family grows increasingly fond of her, even her grumpy older brother Tont. And in the end, all of Giò’s whimsical pirate skills will prove suddenly useful...

  • This book will make you laugh a lot. But it will also move you a lot. Because we like to exaggerate, that’s all. Pirates, as you know, tend to be a bit melodramatic. But they have a big heart. Especially if they’ve been adopted by a fantasy crew like mine.
  • The Great Octopus knows where you live. And he’s my friend. So you decide whether to say this book is great and is worth reading or not.

GENRE Humour
FIRST PUBLISHER Il Battello a Vapore (Italy), 2024