Mystery Hotel

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An old hotel, four great detectives, an inexplicable crime.

Take four internationally renowned investigators and put them inside Hotel Mimosa. Well, nothing so strange about that, you might think, but someone knows better… Eleven-year-old Nino, who will never be able to forget the moment when, opening the door of a small hotel room, he finds a man in a tailcoat slumped on an armchair, with a drop of blood on the left side of his mouth. But the detectives Mister McEnroe, Miss Tingley, Mister Cicogna and Madame Kapuzinsky also see the same scene, and so the four, without discussing the matter with each other, decide to find out what happened at the… mystery hotel.

  • Mystery and comedy, a story that gives a nod to literature’s most famous detectives and involves the reader in a game of investigation where nothing is what it seems.

  • Fast paced, “classic crime” characters and atmosphere, but with unexpected plot twists.


GENRE Crime, Humour
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme - Il Batello a Vapore (Italy), 2021