Save the World


The planet's destiny is in your hands!

We must act fast to save the world and ourselves! Simply starting from everyday life, from those small things that we can all do, at home, at school, in our city. Involving friends, parents and teachers. Because, everyone knows, there’s strength in unity!

  • Climate change addressed in turn through defined and related topics: plastic, energy, mobility, food production, water and the melting of the glaciers, the oceans and their problems, waste and the transition to a circular economy…

  • A group of 10-14-year-olds children look around and encounter environmental problems in their daily lives, ask questions, find solutions, and then act.


Mind the Climate

What are the consequences of climate change? How can pollution and the greenhouse effect be countered? Why is it important to plant trees and stop deforestation?


Zero Plastic

Why is proper separate waste collection important? How can you reduce your waste production? What can we do to heal an already polluted environment?


Save Energy

What tricks are there for consuming less electricity at home? What sources are renewable? Can choosing the right bulbs make a difference?


Be Mindful of Food

What can you do with leftover food? Can what we eat impact the pollution of the planet? How can you shop smart to reduce waste?


GENRE Narrative Non-Fiction
FIRST PUBLISHER Fabbri (Italy), 2020