The Berlin Offside

Sometimes a game can change the world.

Every afternoon, in a small square in Berlin, eight children get together to play a football tournament. But a wall, raised between East and West the night before the final, separates the two teams forever. The winner will never be decided… or will it? There is still a chance to play one last, memorable game.

  • A story of adventure and rebellion, set against the iron curtain that split Germany in two.

  • World history seen through the eyes of children, for whom there are no such things as barriers and divisions, only obstacles to overcome.


GENRE Coming of Age
FIRST PUBLISHER Giunti (Italy), 2018
RIGHTS TV Rights Optioned


Christian is an author, journalist, translator and videogame creator. He lives in the Valassina mountains with his family, five cats, a dog and the characters of his novels. In 2016, he published The Berlin Offside which was a finalist for the Bancarellino Children's Prize and won Il Gigante della Langhe in 2017. In 2018, the rights of the same book were optioned for a TV series.