The Black Country

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A group of children fighting with the weapon they know best: technology.

Turin, present day: since the Party won the elections, Italy has plunged into a terrible dictatorship, complete with secret police and forced labour camps.

The Resistance seems only a legend, until Marta, Paolo and the other children of the Clique meet Günther, the elderly neighbour who grew up in Germany during the Nazi era.

Among the pages of his diary, they discover the story of Sophie and Hans Scholl, and the children of the White Rose, the students who opposed the Nazi barbarism with all their might.

The children of the Clique understand that the past can rekindle the desire to believe in freedom. And they find the courage to fight, all together, to get it back.

  • On the centenary of Sophie Scholl’s birth, Stefano Garzaro revisits the genre of alternative history with an original and compelling novel, closely linked to a past not to be forgotten and a future not to be allowed.

  • “Here is history. The eternal struggle between good and bad. Here “The black country”, with its mighty load of truth.” (Fabio Geda)


GENRE Historic, Dystopian
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2021