The Crimson City Heist

Don't trust anyone.
Don't believe anything.
(Not even the sentence you just read.)

A federal sheriff and a strange, impetuous Indian girl who claims to be his sister arrive one day in Crimson City. Their arrival throws the life of the quiet and very isolated city into disarray and above all the life of Roy Wilson, the stationmaster’s adopted son. But in this story, no one says what they think, no one is what they believe they are and, in the end, the truth can only be decided by the heart.

  • Can a western also be a great love story?
  • And make you laugh?
  • Who knows… in any case, here there are sheriffs, bank robberies, jailbreaks, saloon brawls…
  • Plotting, double and triple crossing…
  • And a machine gun that will never shoot. Sorry, Chekhov.
GENRE Western
FIRST PUBLISHER Salani (Italy), 2023