The Invader

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It seemed like a gift for the queen of the house, but instead it's a trap: a funny little barbarian invader hides inside.

When the family grows, the little ones of the house can feel like they’ve lost their place, their throne, experiencing the arrival of their little brother or sister like that of a barbarian invader. With this personalised story they will discover that, more than an invader, the newcomer is a friend forever.

  • A customisable book, where the buyer can change the names, genders and ethnicity of the two protagonists. It therefore lends itself well to being purchased as a gift (for example for a nephew or a granddaughter who is about to have a little brother or sister).

  • A very funny story that plays with the cliché of the invasion of a kingdom to talk lightly about an important theme for a child: the acceptance by the eldest of a new arrival in the family. The invader (the little brother) is found in a basket that initially looks like a gift for the queen (the eldest daughter). When she discovers that it is actually a trap and that that gift hides an enemy, the text explicitly mentions the Trojan horse.


GENRE Picture Book
FIRST PUBLISHER Matamua (Spain), 2020