The Wind Thief

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For many years, nothing important happened in the House. Then Angela fished a body out of the canal.

Venice, Early Middle Ages. The daughter of a rich merchant who’s fallen into disgrace decides to disguise herself as a boy and board a ship bound for Alexandria in Egypt to stop her father’s enemies and rehabilitate her family name. She will find love, or rather two, and will end up involved in one of the first “secret operations” in history: the translation of Saint Mark, that is, the theft of the saint’s relics from Alexandria and their transport to Venice.

Between spies, monks and... hams, young Angela will have to face incredible difficulties and the distrust of a closed and backward world. Luckily, she’s not alone: accompanying her on her journey is, in fact, a truly exceptional helper. But we’re not telling you who it is yet..

  • An adventure story that describes an unknown time and a place. Da Mar, book 2.
  • Each chapter opens with an illustrated drop cap and an extraordinary Early Middle Ages-style xylograph, which reveals clues about the story’s plot, heightens the suspense and creates a unique link between text and images.
GENRE Adventure / Historical
FIRST PUBLISHER Mondadori (Italy), 2023