Ubaldo Four-Eyes, Accidental Teacher

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Who said school was a serious thing?

If there’s one thing that terrifies Ubaldo, it’s the idea of going back to school. Yet here he is, behind the teacher’s desk, with fifteen little pairs of eyes staring at him, waiting for him to remember how to calculate a hypotenuse.

It’s all his friend Margherita’s fault for asking him to replace the maths teacher. And so, the once wimpy student now finds himself as an equally wimpy... teacher! However, it will only be for two weeks. What could possibly go wrong in two weeks?

  • A story that allows children to take a peek at the other side of the teacher’s desk to discover that even teachers can be scared, distracted, clumsy... just like them!


GENRE School / Educational
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2021