What story is this?


A heartbreaking love story.
We meant a thriller...
No no, wait: it’s a fantasy story! (there are mermaids)
Um... But there’s also an alien abduction...
...and mistaken identities...
In short, what kind of story is this??

There’s a guy with a crown, surely a prince. Oh, no, he’s dressed up for a carnival party. It will therefore certainly be set in Venice... Oh no! It’s in Trofarello! But come on! What story is this? 

  • A book that plays with narrative genres, a tale that talks about tales where the reader directly enters and becomes part of the story.

  • A surreal and hilarious meta-narrative that breaks the fourth wall in an absurd and whirling way.
GENRE Picture book / Humour
FIRST PUBLISHER Edizioni Clichy (Italy), 2023