Who am I?


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Photographs of a generation!

100 questions.

To investigate necessary themes and subjects on identity, individual and collective: Friendship, Love, Body, Social, Do I Believe?, Future, Commitment, Anger, Fear, Passions, Revolutions. 

100 questions.

To explore the question “Who Am I?” and who everyone else is.

A mirror, in which you can identify yourself with all your personal characteristics, express all your nuances, test where you fit in between standardisation and originality.

A selfie of a generation, a description of a whole generation – as individuals and as a group.

100 questions.

Bringing out the self, the us, the them. An immediate, colourful, enticing glance to help understand that there is no ‘normal’ and ‘different’: individual quirks and ways of being. Points in common, points of divergence.

  • A surprising selfie of Generation Z, modern teenagers, without filters and without retouching. A mirror for them to look into, to discover themselves and better understand others.

  • 30,000 questions - 100 teenagers - 12 themes


GENRE Non-fiction
FIRST PUBLISHER DeAgostini (Italy), 2021


Federico Taddia has been playing and working with children and teenagers for more than ten years. He is a journalist and television author. He hosted Screensaver on Rai Tre, L’Altrolato on Radio2 and Pappappero on Radio24. He is part of Fiorello's team of authors and collaborates with the Ballarò program; he writes for Mickey Mouse, Style Piccoli and La Stampa. He also won the Alberto Manzi Award for educational communication.



Daniele Grassucci is the co-founder and director of Skuola.net, considered one of the leading experts worldwide on schools and the under-18s in Italy.

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Skuola.net is the study partner for all students from middle school through to graduation from university. Created in 2000 by two secondary school students, the portal is visited by over 6 million users every month, and has a community of over 5 million users including registered site users, and fans on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.