On the occasion of the centenary of the birth and fortieth anniversary of the death of Gianni Rodari, the only Italian writer who has been awarded the Hans Christian Andersen prize, we have created an educational and playful experiential course dedicated to him. The project takes the form of an IMAGINATIVE KIT that will be provided to schools, through a course that includes teacher training, the presence of a mini website from which to download materials and visibility of the work carried out by children.

Imagination is not a childish characteristic, even if children access it more quickly and with less prejudice, not yet possessing the wealth of knowledge and rules that sometimes end up shielding it: it is, on the contrary, a philosophical weapon, as harmless as it is powerful. Games and activities to use, customise and be amazed by, starting from the rules and surreal characters of Rodari. Lucca and Rodari are a perfect partnership: he was the standard bearer of both comics and intelligent gaming, two of the core values of Lucca's major cultural initiative, Lucca Comics & Games. The project is not intended to just be a tribute to Rodarian philosophy, but instead sets itself the goal of actualising this and proposing an innovative and participatory process to schools.