Davide Morosinotto wins the Zilveren Griffel Prize

Davide Morosinotto has been awarded the prestigious Zilveren Griffel Prize with the novel "La sfolgorante luce di due stelle rosse" ("Red Stars").

Congratulations to Davide Morosinotto who, with his novel La sfolgorante luce di due stelle rosse (Red Stars), has won the prestigious Dutch Zilveren Griffel Prize in the 12-15 category. The Zilveren Griffel is one of the major Dutch literary awards and has now reached its 50th year. In the past, its winners have included authors such as Roald Dahl, Astrid Lindgren and Roberto Piumini, the only other Italian in the list.
Red Stars
Twins Viktor and Nadya are twelve years old when Hitler’s Germany declares war on the Soviet Union. As the Nazi army crushes the defending forces and enemy planes appear overhead, they are hurriedly evacuated from their home. Their parents told them to look after each other, no matter what. But amid the chaos of the evacuation, disaster strikes – the twins are separated, stranded many miles apart with no way of communicating. Despite the war raging all around, Viktor and Nadya are determined to find each other and get back home. Can they pick a path through the danger and destruction, with only their courage and love to keep them going?
Our congratulations also to the Dutch translators: Manon Smits and Pieter van der Drift for telling Nadya and Viktor’s story.