Andersen Prize 2021 Award Winners

"Io sono foglia" ("I Am a Leaf"), written by Angelo Mozzillo and illustrated by Marianna Balducci, and Girotondo, written by Sergio Rossi and Agnese Innocente, triumphed at the Andersen Prize 2021, in the  Best Book for 0-6-year-olds and Best Comic Book categories respectively. "Io sono foglia" has moreover been awarded the 2021 SuperAndersen Prize.

On the 25th of June, the winners of the Andersen Prize 2021 were announced, and among the thirteen prizes up for grabs, two winning books are from Book on a Tree!


The Book on a Tree winners

Io sono foglia (I Am a Leaf) by Angelo Mozzillo – illustrated by Marianna Balducci, Bacchilega Junior

With the following motivation:
For the profound delicacy with which the authors have created an unusual and happy publishing project. For the precision and delicacy with which they tell the often confused and conflicting moods that little ones go through. For refined and brilliant page-spreads that combine anxious grace and light irony.

On Thursday the 1st of July, Io sono foglia was also chosen as the winner of the SuperAndersen Prize 2021, an award dedicated to the memory of Gualtiero Schiaffino, founder of the magazine and the Prize. 182 booksellers, librarians, journalists, scholars, reading animators and two very young booktubers of 9 and 12 years old expressed their preference by choosing this book from among all the winning titles of the 2021 Andersen Prize.


Girotondo by Sergio Rossi – illustrated by Agnese Innocente, Il Castoro

With the following motivation:
For the ability not only to transpose a classic of dramaturgical literature into the language of comics but also, and above all, for having done it with an originality that intensely interprets the sensitivities and disturbances of contemporary adolescence.


Congratulations to all the participants and happy reading!