Dad Doesn't Want to Tidy Up

“Bye Dad! Bye sweetie! See you tonight and... please be good,” says Mum, saying goodbye to us with a kiss.
“Bye, Mum, don't worry, I'll take care of Dad”...

  • A 5-minute story for those who read capital letters and short texts.

GENRE Humour
PUBLISHER Emme Edizioni (Italy), 2020


Maddalena Schiavo lives in the province of Vicenza. An author of children’s texts, since 2014 she has been publishing various picture books and children’s books in Italy. In addition to writing, she also delivers animated readings and workshops for children, in schools, libraries, associations and bookshops. For some years she has been organising a literary festival dedicated to children in the province of Vicenza.



Raffaella Bolaffio was born in Trieste in late March 1977 during a snowstorm, in 1978 she learned how to hold a pencil in her hand, in 1979 she learned how to chew it, in 1980 she finally started using it to draw and since then hasn’t stopped except to eat or use the bathroom. To earn a living she chose a very nice job: she writes and draws and has published many books with various Italian and foreign publishers. She especially loves to write and draw animal stories, because she feels a certain affinity with creatures. In her spare time, she writes, draws, chews pencils, creates puppets, walks her dog, and plays the ukulele.