Detective Linus



Linus likes to work in the shadows, but he's a detective so famous that he's destined for glory! He claims to have a personal secretary, whom he refers to as Mum for convenience's sake, and an assistant Bagarre, a little dog whose potential Mum doesn't seem to have understood yet. He is an eccentric and awkward version of the famous film noir investigators.

  • Linus has very specific ideas about how to be an investigator: you need 1) incredible disguise skills – hence his costume wardrobe; 2) the ability to make snap decisions – which Mum then shoots down; and 3) a painstaking dedication to investigating cases – necessarily leading him to neglect his homework.
  • A story inspired by classics that borrows all the typical features of the noir genre: the detective, the secretary, the cop, the sidekick, the femme fatale, the secret informant, the villains, even jazz music (and some trap too).


Detective Linus and the Turquoise Falcon

One summer morning, Linus receives a postcard from his friend Giangi. Apparently there’s a new threat in town. It seems like a case for Linus, the most famous young detective around! Of course, he should be doing his holiday homework, but how can he concentrate on that when his town is teeming with crimes and mysteries?

Detective Linus Incredibly Solves Another Case

It's September, and Linus goes back to school to encounter new fame and old friends. The most famous young detective around has to be especially careful, as things at the Alfred Institute have changed: the new headmaster, obsessed with punctuality, has had the ancient clock on the building’s facade restored, and doesn't want any investigations at the school. What is he afraid of?


PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2022


Born in Naples in 1988, Angelo moved to Milan to attend film school. He stayed there, but instead of working on film sets he focused on writing. He likes discovering new stories and making up his own, mixing and reinventing words like shuffling a pack of cards.
His latest works include the picture books Io sono foglia (I am a Leaf) Bacchilega Junior 2020, illustrated by Marianna Balducci and winner of the 2021 Andersen and SuperAndersen prizes and Natale per sbaglio (An Accidental Christmas), Clichy Edizioni 2021, illustrated by Martina Tonello.



Davide Panizza was born in Trento on a lucky Friday 17 of 1992. As a child he began to draw anything, so he decided to attend the course of Graphic Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino and the MiMaster Illustrazione in Milan where he experimented with his passion for children's literature. He lives and works in Trento dividing his days as an graphic designer for the theatre and as a freelance illustrator. He finally managed to reconcile his passion for illustrated books and western movies by writing and drawing The Ballad of Benty Breight (Lavieri edizioni 2018).