Filo, My Imaginary Friend


A child and a dragon

They have always known each other and love to do the same things: playing hide-and-seek, dressing up like knights, watching TV, eating biscuits in the garden… Sometimes they fight, but the fear of the dark soon helps them make peace.

  • A very sweet and funny story that speaks to us of friendship, courage and trust, and shows that in the end things aren't always as they seem.


GENRE Picture Book
FIRST PUBLISHER Eli (Italy), 2018


Born in Genova in 1965. Bookseller by family inheritance, then company trainer and executive coach for a telecommunications multinational. At the moment she is in charge of writing and training. To her credit, the book Il bello dello sport (Giunti - Educational Projects), and several collaborations with Slowfood and the magazine Lg Argomenti. Her first illustrated children's album Si j’étais une souris was published with Grasset in 2018.