Glitch Revolution


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Grenbaud's first great novel

The entertainment industry is completely controlled by a single mega-corporation, dubbed “Big Bro”. Through its networks it has created a lazy and individualistic mentality: the network manipulates the public to push them to purchase and accumulate expensive and useless products. Now no one leaves the house anymore, all people do is buy online, without ever taking their eyes off computer and television screens. The media superpower of Big Bro has only one enemy: a group of five young rebels who calls themselves Glitch. Nobody knows who they are, each of them has a battle name and a particular talent that they express using high-tech costumes and tools. From the stage, the group’s frontman, Bode, launches his denunciation to the rhythm of rap. The five organise unauthorised shows in always different places, where they urge the girls and boys who follow them to rebel. At the end of the show, they vanish into thin air. Until one night, something unexpected happens. When Big Bro’s drones interrupt the show, a follower on the run risks her life and the Glitches, who never interact with their fans in order to protect themselves, are forced for once to intervene to save her.

  • In a world where people are hypnotised en masse by the media, the only message of rebellion comes from a group of five children.
GENRE Adventure / Action
FIRST PUBLISHER Mondadori Electa (Italy), 2022


Simone Buratti, a.k.a. GrenBaud, was born in Milan on the 9th of April 2001 in a neighbourhood in the extreme western suburbs of the city. Since he was a child, he has dabbled in writing musical lyrics and is passionate about the world of the web and music in parallel with that of video editing and comedy. In fact, he began by publishing some comedy videos on his YouTube channel, ending up singing and working on Twitch almost every night of the week, becoming number 1 in Italy. With his agency aNc Media, in collaboration with Universal, he set up an independent label called aNc Music.