I live in Rome

I hate low ceilings and socks with loose elastic. My balance sobs, I don't know how to run, I draw well and write excellently. I recount the world of comics in lessons, meetings and workshops and, through comics, I try to describe the world. Born in August 1976, I was raised on bread and cartoons and graduated in Political Science with a thesis on Will Eisner.
I am an author of cartoons, humorous comic strips, illustrations and comic stories for girls and boys.
I conceived the Timothy Top series and wrote and designed the comics manuals Tutti Possono Fare Fumetti (Everyone Can Make Comics) and Come Creare Fumetti (How to Create Comics) published by Tunuè. I write and illustrate for Il Castoro, Coconino, Comix, Dami, Mondadori Ragazzi and Sonda.
I am one of the creators and organisers of the ARF! comics festival in Rome.

the story I wish I had written… is Ordinary Victories by Manu Larcenet.

I reccommend The Master and MargaritaTreasure Island, Crime and Punishment and the Malaussène saga; all of Calvin and Hobbes, To the Heart of the Storm and Why I Killed PeterThe Goonies, The Matrix and Back to the Future; all the music that makes you feel good.

in my (little) free time... I travel, walk, breathe slowly and learn to share emotions.

awards and recognition