I Didn't Expect...


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A picture book that celebrates the unexpected little things.

I didn't expect...
To go out with a scarf and umbrella, but then suddenly the sky is blue!
To meet a cat that has popped up from who knows where, and who wants to make friends with you.
To see a flower bloom in a vase that has been empty for a long time.

A poem that invites active observation of the world and all the beauty you can discover if only you take a better look around you. The world is full of beauty, even in times of pandemic, war or famine. You just need to know how to look for it.

  • Gentle, unexpected emotions that light up our lives and surprise us every day, in every latitude, at every age.

  • Winner of the 2022 Livio Sossi editorial illustration prize, presented during Lucca Comics & Games 2022.

GENRE Picture book
FIRST PUBLISHER Terre di Mezzo (Italy), 2022


Born in Naples in 1988, Angelo moved to Milan to attend film school. He stayed there, but instead of working on film sets he focused on writing. He likes discovering new stories and making up his own, mixing and reinventing words like shuffling a pack of cards. His latest works include the picture books Io sono foglia (I Am a Leaf) Bacchilega Junior 2020, illustrated by Marianna Balducci and winner of the 2021 Andersen and SuperAndersen prizes and Natale per sbaglio (An Accidental Christmas), Clichy Edizioni 2021, illustrated by Martina Tonello.