I Heard That...

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The mole hasn’t been seen around for some time now… what could have happened to it?

Did it run away because it made the farmer angry?

Did it go to New York to run the marathon?

Or, has it become a celebrity and is about to star in a film?

The animals in the woods and on the farm exchange ever more sensational hypotheses about the fate of their friend!

  • With the fun mechanism of “Chinese whispers”, Mariapaola Pesce’s lively pen and Martina Tonello’s illustrations teeming with details open up a thousand different stories, to be enjoyed together aloud and leafed through again and again with little ones!

  • A book that also speaks to us adults, in the hyper-informed society: “We often seek only confirmation of our own opinions, rather than stimuli, discoveries and news. What if we stopped to think for a moment, to check the information, before accepting it just because someone discloses it? Let’s ask the mole!” – Mariapaola Pesce, on Frizzifrizzi

GENRE Picture Book
FIRST PUBLISHER Terre di Mezzo (Italy), 2022 


Genoese by birth, a bookseller by family inheritance, and then a trainer and executive coach, Mariapaola today deals with writing and training. Between 2018 and 2020 she published “Filo il mio amico immaginario” (Eli Publishing), “Case nel mondo” (ElectaKids), “La collana della nonna” (Tandem-Il Castoro), “Emma. Aspirante Cupido” and “Orgoglio e pregiudizio. Mai fidarsi delle apparenze” (Hop edizioni), “Fuga da campo sventura” (Bonelli Kids), “Il grande viaggio di Naoki” (Jaca Book), “Ancora, papà” (Terre di Mezzo), “Storie di ragazzi che cambiano il mondo” (Electa Junior), “Angela Davis e Rosa Parks” (Beccogiallo). She coordinates the training and reading promotion project “Omero – Gli scrittori raccontano i libri” (Writers telling their books), conducts creative writing workshops and carries out interviews with illustrators, because she still hopes to learn to draw.



Martina Tonello is an illustrator and aspiring carpenter. She likes to explore new places, be it the forest path, the road to a new city or a desk drawer. She was born in 1993 in Padua and now lives in Bologna, where she spends her time inventing stories and workshops for children. She publishes with various publishing houses including Electa Kids, Piemme and Editoriale Scienza.