I'll Come To You

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An enigmatic story for those who love video games, in which it's possible, by following one track after another, to cross the border between the real world and the virtual one.

Giada and Nico. A love that blossomed in the last months of school.

When the holidays arrive, he disappears into thin air. What’s happened to him? Why isn’t he answering the phone? Nobody really knows him nor where he lives. The only thing certain is that his avatar was seen in a famous Battle Royale Game. Giada hates video games, but she explores it all in order to find him. She is determined: “If you don’t come, I’ll come to you.”

  • A story set between the real world and the virtual one,

  • A mystery about the difficulty of finding your place in the world.
  • A book about the fear of the future, loneliness while surrounded by others, video games and connections over and away from the screen, and the first big feelings.


GENRE Mystery, Romantic
FIRST PUBLISHER Einaudi Ragazzi (Italy), 2022