It Wasn't Me!


Among the tangled branches of the jungle, a fun investigation is underway: who ate the caterpillar’s leaves?

Determined to find out the truth, the little creature climbs up the trunk of his tree in search of the culprit.

Could it be the mischievous monkey? She denies it: definitely not, because she eats bananas. The caterpillar keeps climbing.

Perhaps it was the snake? No! He only eats mice. The caterpillar climbs keeps climbing.

What about the chameleon whose eyes don't miss a thing? Not a chance, he loves eating insects.

One after another, the animals have their flawless alibis ready - "It wasn't me!" - and they all agree that the culprit is the parrot.

But… was it really him? Like in the best mystery stories, the culprit has been hiding among the suspects from the beginning and… no, it’s not the parrot! Readers can try to guess who it was before turning the last page.


GENRE Picture book
FIRST PUBLISHER Edizioni Lapis (Italy), 2022