Leonardo's Great Machines

40 ingenious inventions: How they were and how they are today

The young engineer Leo, said to be a great-great-great grandson of the brilliant Leonardo da Vinci, finds himself involved in a heated discussion: someone claims that his illustrious ancestor is an overrated genius and he promises to make him change his mind. Thus begins a challenge to the sound of inventions: submarines, aeroplanes, cars, tanks, but also fans, screws, guitars, cranes and calculators ... 40 machines designed by Leonardo da Vinci more than 500 years ago, which are still current and very useful today!

  • A book to understand how Leonardo's machines work and discover not only the great inventor's projects, but also their applications today.

  • The book contains many experiments that highlight the scientific principles underlying Leonardo's inventions and invites the reader to try their hand at building some projects.


GENRE Non-fiction
FIRST PUBLISHER Ed. Scienza (Italy), 2019