Night of the Biplanes

She was a creature with fuel in her veins and pistons for a heart. And now she had met someone just like her. A kindred spirit. A kindred soul. Too bad he was an enemy.

December 1915, armies fight each other in the First World War. The story, however, is different from how we know it: computing is ahead of its time and aeroplanes, submarines and tanks are driven through complex electronic computators called BOTs, which interface directly with the pilot’s brain. While the troops face each other in the mud of the trenches, the BOT aviators are decimated by a mysterious disease... Against this background, the stories of three very different friends intertwine: Arthur Maddox, heir to a rich family, Mary Tucker, a maid who dreams of becoming a pilot, and finally John, who works in the tin mines and is convinced of his ideals of peace. Their lives go by uneventfully in the Cornish countryside until one day Sir Richard, Arthur’s uncle, disappears, leaving behind an enigmatic Contraption. It’s the start of a great adventure, which will lead the three children to meet their destinies.

  • Adventure, love and robots.
  • A fascinating alternative story, a world full of surprises.
  • Incredible comic panels.
  • Candy Candy meets Super Dimension Fortress Macross, with a bit of The Man in the High Castle.
GENRE Uchronia, Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Il Castoro (Italy), 2024