Susan Duckling



Meet Susan Duckling, the daughter of the most famous Commissioner of London's Scotland Yard.

Clue after clue, young Susan solves mysteries like a real detective: with observation, method and psychology. Not alone, of course, but with the help of Officer Puddle, Commissioner Duckling's right-hand man, who will have everything to learn from the little detective!

  • Investigations filled with bizarre clues, unusual disguises and cautious chases between the buildings of London.


Susan Duckling and the Case of the Birthday Gift

Susan Duckling asks her father for an unusual birthday gift: to be able to solve an important case. A rhino has disappeared from the London Zoo: the story is on the front pages of the entire national press. It seems like just the case for Susan… at least to begin with. “But where has the poor rhino gone? Who's taken it?" Susan begins to investigate, with just a lens, a flashlight and some money...

Susan Duckling and the Case of the Vanished Cold

Susan's teacher, Anne, wants to interview Susan's father, Commissioner Duckling, to discover "the secrets of the trade"from the greatest Commissioner in England. In fact, she and her cold are going to test him! Commissioner Duckling smells something strange in Mrs Anne's behaviour and declares "the case" open, a case to be solved all together, this time: Susan, Dad, Mum, Officer Puddle and Penelope, the dog with a superfine nose. Between one headache, erm, puzzle and another, all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place… including the missing cold!


GENRE Mystery
FIRST PUBLISHER Pelledoca (Italy), 2021


Maddalena Schiavo lives in the province of Vicenza. An author of children’s texts, since 2014 she has been publishing various picture books and children’s books in Italy. In addition to writing, she also delivers animated readings and workshops for children, in schools, libraries, associations and bookshops. For some years she has been organising a literary festival dedicated to children in the province of Vicenza.