The Prince's Will

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First enjoy the crime, then solve
a series of increasingly complex puzzles!

It’s a weekend of important visits to the old Prince’s villa. In fact, it’s time for him to tell his large family what he intends to do with his immense estate. It is announced to the guests that he will read his will during Sunday lunch… pity that he’s murdered during Saturday dinner. When the estate’s handyman is accused of the crime, it’s up to his young daughter Anna and her friends to investigate. Solving the mystery promises to be far from simple: everyone present has something to gain from the Prince’s death, everyone has a motive. However much she investigates, though, it seems to Anna that none of them could be the culprit… Will you manage to work out the true identity of the murderer?

This isn’t a book like any other. It’s also a game, a challenge, a puzzle, an investigation in which you’re called to participate. To find the solution, it won’t be enough to just read the story: you’ll have to dig up the clues hidden among the pages of the book yourself. Will you be able to find the key to this mysterious crime?

  • The book is, in its basic reading, a whodunit that can be appreciated even by those who don’t like puzzles.

  • The hints at the end of the book are a tool to help the reader move through the sequence of puzzles. By taking advantage of them, the puzzles are complex but solvable by our young readers. Without the hints, they’re a bigger challenge.

  • The setting and, above all, the time the story is set in, recall the classic crimes of Agatha Christie.
GENRE Crime thriller
FIRST PUBLISHER Mondadori (Italy), 2023