The Tiger


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Some think that nature is beautiful and lock the tiger away in a cage.

Some think that nature is useful and make a coat from the tiger’s skin…

  • A man muses over a tiger, wondering whether to dominate it, tame it or love it. But who is the tiger really?

  • Inspired by an Indian proverb, a poetic and ironic interpretation of the relationship between humans and nature.


GENRE Picture Book
FOREIGN RIGHTS SOLD Korea (Booklight Publishing)


Gabriele "as a child dreamed of being a wizard, then he began to draw and realized his dream". After graduating from IED Turin with a degree in illustration and visual communication, he works as a freelance illustrator. He draws comics for the weekly magazine "Origami" and for the “LaStampa” newspaper. He creates with the designer and ceramist Cecilia Mosso the line of illustrated ceramics "Memorie": ceramic objects that combine design, illustration and psychology. He has worked for RAIGulp (tv show “La Banda dei Fuoriclasse”).



Davide is a cartoonist, illustrator and author for children. He has published more than 100 books which have been translated in 30 countries and won awards in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea and the USA. He has published also under the pseudonyms Taro Miyazawa and Daikon.