Viola and the Moon

Little Viola has two really special grandparents

They’re electricians, but very, very particular ones… in fact they’re responsible for the care and good functioning of the Moon and Sun! On the occasion of Grandparents’ Day therefore, she tries to explain their work at school, but no one believes her…

  • A feast for the eyes and a loving tribute to the highly important role of grandparents.

  • An opportunity for a playful look at the phases of the moon; a romantic tale and a journey into the wonders of the sky.


GENRE Picture Book
FIRST PUBLISHER Nomos Edizioni (Italy), 2019


Angelo Mozzillo was born in Naples in 1988 and lives in Milan. A collector of stories, he always likes to discover new ones and, when he can’t find any, he invents his own. He shuffles and rearranges words like a deck of cards, giving us stories, scripts, articles and nursery rhymes. His books include: “Io sono foglia” (Bacchilega Junior, 2020), "Giacomino Già che sei in piedi" (Biancoenero, 2020), “Quanto è piccolo il mondo" (VerbaVolant, 2019), "Viola e la luna" (Nomos, 2019), "Il Natale dell'orco Narice" (Eli La Spiga, 2019), "Abita qui Mimì?" (VerbaVolant, 2018).



Roberta lives and was born in Palermo. A dreamer by nature, she always looks for the positive side of things. She loves white sheets, simple lines and straight drawing. She illustrates for projects in Italy and abroad. In 2016, she published Il viaggio di Sketch (Valentina Edizioni). In 2018, she wrote and published Il supereroe di casa (Pane e Sale edizioni) and illustrated Davide il mistero Qwerty (VerbaVolant Edizioni), winner of the Il gigante delle Langhe award and the following year Piccolo mago. She illustrated the Passepartout and Galactic School covers of the 2018/2019 Rizzoli Education / Erickson agendas. In 2018, she illustrated 4 volumes for Hachette Children's Group Your mind matters and in 2019 Trallallà (Giunti) and Viola e la luna (Nomos). In 2014, she founded, with others, the online illustration magazine, of which she is president.