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The future of energy is green and is in the hands of three bright children.

Venice. On the night of a full moon, the members of a secret society meet up in an ancient building. A few narrow streets away, physics luminary Bepi Galvano is about to celebrate his 80th birthday. To mark the occasion, his neighbours, three brilliant children, are organising a big party. However, in the night, the professor disappears under circumstances that remain unclear. Could that secretive association, the Lunar Society, have something to do with his mysterious disappearance?

In a labyrinthine Venice, three young protagonists face a race against time. The future of humanity could lie precisely in the professor’s latest invention, an incredible machine for producing green energy from water. It’s now up to Bepi’s young friends to take up his legacy and prevent darkness from descending on the world we know forever.

  • Ecology, environmental defence or the search for alternative forms of energy.
  • A book for all children who dream of growing up in a better, more sustainable, and fairer world.
  • Future-proofing, through the eyes of the new generation: the use of hydrogen produced from renewables (sun and wind) as a new renewable energy source that will help us breathe cleaner air, and decarbonise industries, transport, and heating.


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Salani (Italy), 2020