Ghost Light


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Together out of the darkness

A superstition has it that in Broadway theatres, at night, a single light always remains on while all the others are off. It’s called the Ghost Light and it’s a light that drives away evil spirits.

There are just a few days left before the opening night of the comedy staged by a group of ten boys and girls, and around this light, in addition to the ghosts of the theatre, their stories of fragility, which have not only to do with the show’s opening night but also with life, light up.

A novel that’s also a mirror to help us feel less alone, not be ashamed of being fragile, and know how to ask for help if needed.

  • A group of boys and girls courageously faces ghosts, the real ones that live inside them.
  • Eating disorders, mobile phone addiction and other frailties, told in ten stories that intertwine and reveal themselves, without judgements or easy solutions, but with the awareness that it's possible to be helped.
GENRE Realistic fiction
FIRST PUBLISHER Giunti (Italy), 2023