Infinite Stories


Because a great story never ends

  • Sequels to the most loved and evocative classics.

  • A modern language.

  • Adventure, mystery, friendship and also themes such as bullying and learning disabilities treated within compelling stories with vivid characters.


Return to Treasure Island

Pierdomenico Baccalario & Alessandro Gatti

More than thirty years have passed since the adventure narrated by Stevenson in his great novel Treasure Island, in which Jim Hawkins, then thirteen, embarked with Long John Silver in search of Captain Flint’s Treasure.

Now, Jim has a wife and two grown children, and he runs the Admiral Benbow inn as his parents did. But customer numbers are decreasing, the bills are increasing, and the storms that batter the coast don’t spare his modest inn. Until, one stormy evening, when a brawler boy turns up, who on closer inspection turns out to be... a girl.

Her name is Thunder, and her father is none other than the old Long John. She came looking for Jim to warn him of an ancient curse.

That same night, Jim finds himself on board a pirate ship, driven by a fate that once again takes him far from home...



The Last Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Davide Morosinotto

During an excursion on Stromboli, a slightly ragtag group of tourists ends up in a crater. They are accompanied by Doctor Marino, a volcanologist, and her eleven-year-old nephew Alex, fleeing boredom. The group laboriously climbs the slopes of the mountain, where the wind swirls the black sand, but suddenly Alex and the others feel the earth shaking under their feet... and they start to fall. After a long and frightening fall, they find themselves at the bottom of a pit of rock. Alive, but imprisoned in the bowels of the Earth.

The only way to get out of trouble will be to retrace Jules Verne’s journey in reverse. Following in the footsteps of the protagonists of Jules Verne’s novel, and discovering wonderful places and inhabitants, Alex and his companions will search with every last ounce of energy for a way back to the surface.


Dracula's Reawakening

Christian Hill

Another place, another time, but the threat of Dracula the vampire is more alive than ever.

Background: Mina Harker was one of the vampire hunters who defeated Count Dracula at the end of the nineteenth century in Bram Stoker’s novel. She herself was turning into a vampire, but the curse seemed to have been lifted with the destruction of the Count. Seemed to.

Gulf of the Poets, present day. Her descendants moved here, burying the terrible adventures of their ancestress in oblivion. Mina herself lies in the Lerici cemetery. Or rather, lay: she has in fact reawakened and, dusting off Dracula’s name, has resumed the Count’s nefarious habits.

Marina and Jonathan – Mina’s great-great-grandchildren – along with their friend Rocco, meet the YouTuber Nils – Van Helsing’s great-great grandson. All together, they find themselves on the vampire’s tracks. Will they be able to stop her, just as their ancestors did?


The Ever More Secret Garden

Lucia Vaccarino

Mary Lennox is now a teenager, and to her great regret she has to leave the secret garden, Colin and Dickon to go to a girls’ boarding school.

Life at Saint Catherine is very strict and far from the freedom of the moors, but there Mary finds a friend – the shy Agatha, so insecure and awkward that she can’t make friends or get through the teachers’ questioning, a rival – Frances, a young bully and centraliser – a mystery to solve, and of course a new garden in which to continue to bloom.


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2021