R Rebels, Resistance, Rock’n’Roll


Courage, war, friendship.
When you're ready to sacrifice everything,
even your own life, for love and freedom.

Fifteen-year-old Astolfo, the descendent of an aristocratic Piedmontese family, finds himself in a world overturned by the apparent end of the war on the 8th of September 1943 and the beginning of the Nazi occupation. Sides have to be chosen quickly, and Astolfo and his family choose the side of the rebels.

But the support his family offers the nearby band of partisans at a distance is transformed over the months into an increasingly active participation which brings the war inside their home, driving Astolfo to take up arms in order to defend their freedom.

In a rapid succession of fast-paced action and page-turning cliffhangers, we follow the adventures of Astolfo and his companions through to the Liberation on 25th April.

  • This novel could act as a gateway for boys and girls to understand the great events of the fight for liberation, by bridging the historical gap and bringing readers closer to youngsters of their own age who carried out extraordinary deeds in extraordinary situations.

  • The book is freely drawn from the historical essay The Perfect Resistance by Giovanni De Luna, and can be used as additional research material for school history curricula.
GENRE Coming of age
FIRST PUBLISHER Feltrinelli (Italy), 2021


Christian was born in Milan to an Italian mother and German father. He studied aeronautical engineering and has worked in role-playing games, journalism, IT and photography. He lives in Milan with his wife, two daughters and dog. Parachute jumping is not something he’s ever contemplated as he’s afraid of heights.




Marco is a director and screenwriter. His films include the cult movie Santa Maradona (winner of two David di Donatello awards) and the very popular Io che amo solo te and La Cena di Natale. In 2019, he published his first novel, Ombre che camminano (Salani).