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The Atlas of Imaginary Places


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The Amazing Jimbo

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How Scary!

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Andrea Pau

Andrea Pau has been cluttering up Sardinia since 1981. He writes comics, children’s novels, cartoons, books under other people’s names. He has collaborated, among others, with Einaudi Ragazzi (Fiume Europa [River Europe] co-written with Andrea Atzori, 2019); DeAgostini (Dinoamici, 2013); Solferino (Nome di Battaglia Magda, 2019); Sergio Bonelli Editore (Bonelli Kids: il Re dei Troll [The King of Trolls], 2020); and Lapis Edizioni (Lorenzo Lodato e il conto alla rovescia [Percy Praised and the Countdown], 2021).

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Andrea Tullio Canobbio

Andrea Tullio Canobbio is a researcher and Italian language teacher. He currently works at the University of Pavia. Since 2013, he has been combining his research and teaching activity with working as a children’s author, collaborating with the Book on a Tree circle of authors. His latest books include La nascita del computer (EL) and Il merlo canta libero (Solferino), co-written with Alessandro Gatti.

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Azzurra D'Agostino

Azzurra D’Agostino was born and lives in a small town in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. She has published several poetry collections (for which she has received the Carducci Prize, the Ciampi Valigie Rosse Prize and was a finalist at the Viareggio-Repaci Prize), and writes for theatre for both adults and children. She had published the picture books Piccoli amori, Intervista alla felicità, Luce and Poesie della neve. She also curated Da grande voglio fare il poeta, an anthology of poems written by children – the results of workshops held throughout Italy. Her first children’s novel was released in October 2020: Il giardini dei desideri (The Garden of Wishes). In 2023, the palmistry deck she designed was released, with an instruction booklet, Oracolo del destino and picture book for very young children Ciao Nido!. In addition to writing, she runs poetry workshops for people of all ages.

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Carlotta Cubeddu

Carlotta Cubeddu is an Italian writer and educator. Passionate about popularisation and novels, she manages to combine both her passions. As a reading facilitator and author of the book Penso, Parlo, Posto (To Post or Not to Post), Il Castoro, translated into Russian and Spanish, she also dedicates part of her time to training teachers and parents, sharing her experience with them.

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