The Corsairs



A series for adventure-seekers! Small in size, big on adventure!

Incredible, epic stories, spanning all of history, and ranging around the world, bringing excitement, suspense and mystery, with a healthy dose of laughter!

  • A sophisticated editorial product with exquisite cover artwork, old-style maps, comparative chronological tables and short profiles of the historical figures mentioned.

  • An original series of adventure books written by Italy’s bestselling children’s authors.


Titles in the series

Here Come the Hood Brothers – Guido Sgardoli
Black Powder – Miriam Dubini
The Terrible Testament of Jeremy Hopperton – Davide Morosinotto
The Return of the Tsar – Pierdomenico Baccalario
The Mysterious Viking – Sabina Colloredo
The Pirate Queen – Eduardo Jáuregui
The Route of the Andes – Christian Hill
Hiro of the Monkeys – Giuseppe Festa
Battle Name Magda – Andea Pau
The Witch of Loch Liath – Silvia Roncaglia
Rico the Brave – Luisa Mattia
Journey To the Forbidden City – Elisa Puricelli Guerra
The Young Samurai – Igor De Amicis & Paola Luciani
The Mystery of the Ulda – Daniele Nicastro
Lena Mountain Anchovy – Marco Magnone
The Sumatra Emeralds – Christian Antonini


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Solferino (Italy), 2018
FOREIGN RIGHTS SOLD Greece (Metaixmio)