The Gigglegang



The school you always dreamed of!

A class of quick-witted, quirky kids and a headmaster who will give you the heebie-jeebies.

  • A series penned with irresistible gusto by Book on a Tree’s popular children’s authors!

  • A dazzling array of tricks, gadgets and pranks, not to mention a barrel of laughs!


Titles in the series

Dexter Diddly and his Fantastic but Nameless Solution - Lorenzo Rulfo
Betty Battles and the Top of the Class - Lucia Vaccarino
Alexia Aleck and the Theory of Dreams - Alessandro Gatti
Simon Spotless and the Electronic Brain - Daniele Nicastro
Matt Minimum and the World's Most Useless Superpower - Pierdomenico Baccalario
Paris Peacock Versus the Queen - Sarah Rossi
Peter Pitbull and the Unspeakable Secret - Davide Calì
Susan Saucepan and the Cooking Competition - Linda Altomonte
Samantha Sphinx and the Secret of the Pharaoh - Tommaso Percivale
Charlotte Chlorine and the Ultra lice Invasion - Guido Sgardoli
Pauline Pirouette and the Star of the Theatre - Gloria Danili
A Surprise Trip - Pierdomenico Baccalario
Tim Tough cookie and the Mystery of the Courtyard - Jasmine Mottola
Elliot Electron and the Alien Invasion - Daniele Nicastro
Thomas Thimble and the Comics Fair - Davide Calì
Daisy Drama and the Lost Principal - Elisa Puricelli Guerra
Lucy Longfangs and the Savages to the Rescue - Sarah Rossi
Nick Niagara and the Tragic End of School - Davide Morosinotto


GENRE Humour
FIRST PUBLISHER Edizioni Lapis (Italy), 2016
FOREIGN RIGHTS SOLD China (Harbin), Greece (Dioptra), Turkey (Kitapci)