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Simply Heroes


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Bonelli Kids


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Bonelli Novels


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Sherlock, Lupin & Me


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Martina Tonello

Martina Tonello is an illustrator and aspiring carpenter. She likes to explore new places, be it the forest path, the road to a new city or a desk drawer. She was born in 1993 in Padua and now lives in Bologna, where she spends her time inventing stories and workshops for children. She publishes with various publishing houses including Electa Kids, Piemme and Editoriale Scienza.

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Roberta Terracchio

Roberta lives and was born in Palermo. A dreamer by nature, she always looks for the positive side of things. She loves white sheets, simple lines and straight drawing. She illustrates for projects in Italy and abroad.

In 2016, she published Il viaggio di Sketch (Valentina Edizioni). In 2018, she wrote and published Il supereroe di casa (Pane e Sale edizioni) and illustrated Davide il mistero Qwerty (VerbaVolant Edizioni), winner of the Il gigante delle Langhe award and the following year Piccolo mago. She illustrated the Passepartout and Galactic School covers of the 2018/2019 Rizzoli Education / Erickson agendas.

In 2018, she illustrated 4 volumes for Hachette Children's Group Your mind matters and in 2019 Trallallà (Giunti) and Viola e la luna (Nomos).

In 2014, she founded, with others, the online illustration magazine, of which she is president.

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Carla Anzile

Carla Anzile was born in Pordenone, where she currently lives, in a house with a blue door.

As a girl she wanted to study languages and travel the world but her good intentions stopped in London.

Her first job was as an animator and actress in children's theatre, hanging out in the squares of Italy and even on national TV; for 25 years she has been a primary school teacher and active in the promotion of children's literature.

She made her debut in 2020 with the illustrated book “Il gatto con i pattini a rotelle” for ELI and with the detective novel “Uscita di sicurezza” for Pelledoca.

She dreams of travelling the world on her Vespa T5, but only after writing the perfect fantasy.

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Tea Orsi

Ever since she was a child, Tea has loved making up stories, comics and even whole magazines. Fortunately, over the years, her passion for writing has not faded...

Today she is a screenwriter of animated series and an author of comics, books and magazines for children.

She writes in both English and Italian and her days are spent in the company of princesses, fairies and other fantastic characters, always ready to experience fun adventures on television or on the printed page.

She lives in Parma with her family and two cute little dogs and she loves travelling around the world, looking for ideas that can inspire new stories yet to be told.

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